Once it has, head to the Discord website and download the latest version of the desktop app for your platform. Discord is a great platform for communities, whether it’s to play your favorite games, make friends, organize meetups, and to share ideas with like-minded individuals. You can use Discord in your web browser, but if you’re using the Discord desktop app, you may occasionally see a Discord fatal JavaScript error. Right Click the Discord application and select the “properties” option. You can find the application on your Desktop or pin it to your taskbar. If you can’t find it, simply search in the search bar.

  • So, repeat this step for the FF, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Edge.
  • There is a much easier and safer way to uninstall BleachBit completely.
  • You can try out Spyhunter to scan your infected system and detect the Adware triggering “Fortnite Hack Generator” pop-ups.
  • Find all the Discord files (they all start with “discord_”).
  • I’ve found wise cleaner to be better than ccleaner in both scope and quality.

Programs that can wipe entire drives are often referred to as data destruction software programs. They work by overwriting every divisible part of the drive, used or otherwise, via one of several remove Renew It Now windows 10 data sanitization methods. Once the file is gone off the file system’s record, the data that is left on the hard disk is meaningless sequence of 1’s and 0’s. If you are looking to replace that meaningless sequence with another meaningless sequence, I can advice some commercial products for safely erasing drives, like arconis.

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Several users reported success in fixing the JavaScript errors on Discord by making this change. When it comes to gaming, Discord is considered as the most used application. But, often users report that Discord is not free from technical flaws and Discord javascript error is the most reported one. Discord contains several types of file and most of the time because of this, javascript error occurs.